Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Frog and Toad freebies

 We went on a field trip the other day and one of my teamies got to see my class in action. I believe it was while we watched one guy lay face-down on the floor, spread eagle, moving his arms and legs like a snow angel, squawking instead of listening to the speaker when she said something like, "I know you told me but...WOW, you do have some doozies!"

So I apologize for not posting or commenting quite as much as I used to.  I think my brain knows this exhausting year is in the home stretch...19 days! I plan to really try to recharge my batteries this summer. Oh, after I take two weeks of PD on the Common Core and then try to figure out how I can implement them next year because I am on the Guinea Pig Leadership Team. More on that later.

On to the shares. Do you read Frog and Toad?

In our OLD version of Houghton Mifflin we read The Hat and practice cause and effect. I made some multi-flow maps for my lesson that I thought I would share in case you can use them. Did you know you can do half a thinking map? When I was told I could do only one side of a multi-flow with my firsties it seemed much more manageable! Click on the picture to download.

Also, I also got an email from Patty Rutenbar saying she made an envelope label for the free Synonym Roll read the room center I shared. She agreed to let me share her label in case any of you can use it. Click on the picture to download the label. Thanks Patty! If you missed the original center you can click {here.}