Saturday, May 12, 2012

Little Bear Freebie

First, I want to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who bought from my TpT store during the big sale. I really appreciate it and I hope you found something useful. As a small thank you, I put together some activities I did with my class this week while we read Little Bear.

You can download them {here.}We have a class set of books so we read one story a day and then I picked out a skill I wanted to review.
Here is an example of a flow map my students completed for Birthday Soup.

 My students were SOOO excited to give their moms the If You Give A Mom a Muffin booklets that I doubt many will be able to wait until tomorrow. I already had one sweet mom email me a thank you.
I forgot to take more pictures of their precious drawings in the booklets but I did grab a few of their bags.

This cutie said her mom was just waking up so she only has one eye open. How adorable is that?
 And a few knew just what their mom's pillowcase looked like so they HAD to match it..

 I hope you had a lovely Teacher Appreciation Week. Our PTA is wonderful! Look what they did:
Monday: Breakfast provided
Tuesday: Students each bring a flower to school. Vase provided by the PTA. I forgot to take pictures but I had so many incredible, unique flowers I had to get a second vase out and they still barely fit.
Wednesday: Student bring a homemade card or other creation. One of my sweeties wrote a cute poem all by herself!
Thursday: Raffle prizes like Starbucks gift cards, dinner certificates, etc.
Friday: Lunch provided by the PTA: Taco salad and desserts!

A bunch of 5th graders that I had taught as 3rd graders popped into my room this week to deliver thank you letters they did as a computer assignment. This one says..

Thank you for being an awesome teacher for me! You rock! Hope you never leave this school. If you do, I will be sad. And other kids will not be able to meet you and see how great a teacher you are. You taught me to listen and be strong. Thank you!

The others were just as sweet, remembering fun things we had done together or saying that I always have a smile on my face. Those images are from this blog so it looks like my secret blogging life may be outed to more than just the teachers at my school now....

Alrighty, I need to run to baseball games but I haven't had many comments lately so I'd love to hear from you! Did you feel appreciated this week? Do you read Little Bear? Give me something to read as I watch warm-up please! :-)