Monday, May 21, 2012

Common Core App

My district is getting on board the CCSS train. Are you on the train? Our train is slow moving. A select group of K-1 will explore the standards and make a curriculum map. Then, we will try it out this next year and help train everyone else the following year. I am part of this "Leadership Team" and learned about an app I thought I would share. Maybe you already know about if your train is more of speeding bullet rather than a locomotive?

This is a free CCSS app for smartphones or ipad. Just search your app store for Common Core Mastery Connect to find it. I think it will be helpful to have the new standards at my fingertips.

I also added a widget to my sidebar here on my blog. Do you see it over on the right? If you click on it, it will expand to look like the above picture. Cool, huh?