Thursday, February 10, 2011

Me on the Map

We are in the middle of our map unit. The kids have a really hard time remembering which is the city, state, country, etc. Here is a visual project that might help from my awesome team member, Robi. First, I found our school on Google Earth and slowly zoomed out. Then we made this project.
Our School
 Our Street
 Our City
 Our State {I gave them pictures of the state flower and bird so they could draw one}
 Our Country
 Our Continent
 Our Planet {The templates were copied so the kids just cut and pasted.}
***Edited to add that I didn't share the templates because this idea was my friend Robi's not mine. However, after a zillion requests, we teamed up to put the directions for this project and the rest of our map unit into a 40 page packet. You can check it out {here.}