Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Snot Stew Book Club Packet

I finally finished my next book club packet. This one is for Snot Stew by Bill Wallace. You can visit my TPT store to get a copy.
Snot Stew

It is a cute book told from a kitten's point of view. It is not gross (snot) but about the kittens misunderstanding what the kids are saying. I got my 6-book set from Scholastic. I use these to keep my high reading groups challenged. I meet with them once a week, discuss the book and review the packet answers. Then I assign the reading and packet questions they need to complete by the following week.  We do Daily 5 so they work on this assignment in place of choices until they are done. My students feel very grown up and take the responsibility on very well. I encourage them to work with other group members if they get stuck. Hope you can use it!



  1. This looks AWESOME! I am no longer teaching first grade but I definitely would have used it!

    p.s. I love your blog and I am glad I stumbled upon it!

  2. Thank you very much!! Your blog has been most helpful!!! I'll send you a donation as soon as I can. Your ideas are so awesome. I've used most of them. I'm new to first grade and it helps to have some handouts. Not much support from my coworker. You're the BEST!

  3. Jenn,

    I just starting following a few teacher blogs in January and I have been amazed at all of the wonderful activities teachers share. I had no idea! I also understand the hours you must put in to create these. I noticed you have two young boys. :) I downloaded The Chalkbox KId packet and my high group is doing it right now. I love it!!!!!! My neighbor is also doing it. I just downloaded this one too. Please don't feel bad about needing to put your wonderful items on TPT. I would pay for these packets in a heartbeat. They are just what my kids need. I have purchased on TPT and downloaded a lot of free items also. I feel obligated to balance out what I get for free. If you put these on TPT what would you charge?

  4. Mudd Puddle (LOVE that name),
    It made me very happy to hear you and your neighbor are using my packet!! It does take quite awhile to put these together so I'm glad others are benefitting. I'd love to know what others think these packets are worth. I am terrible about judging that kind of thing.

  5. I've tried to download this (all the others worked for me) but this picture won't even show up to see the download button. Could you possibly send Snot Stew to me or repost it? I would TRULY appreciate it!

  6. I switched to Scribd so it should work now.