Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Snot Stew Book Club Packet

I finally finished my next book club packet. This one is for Snot Stew by Bill Wallace. You can visit my TPT store to get a copy.
Snot Stew

It is a cute book told from a kitten's point of view. It is not gross (snot) but about the kittens misunderstanding what the kids are saying. I got my 6-book set from Scholastic. I use these to keep my high reading groups challenged. I meet with them once a week, discuss the book and review the packet answers. Then I assign the reading and packet questions they need to complete by the following week.  We do Daily 5 so they work on this assignment in place of choices until they are done. My students feel very grown up and take the responsibility on very well. I encourage them to work with other group members if they get stuck. Hope you can use it!