Friday, November 25, 2011

Sight Word Fluency & Romance Ruined

Do you have a systematic way to make sure your students can read the sight words fluently?

I noticed that many of my students were still trying to sound out these words so I came up with a program I call Sight Word Superstars. I typed all the Fry Words up (6 groups of 100) and broke them into 5 lists of 20. I color code mine to make it easier for myself.
All of my first graders start on the 1st 100. If they can read the first list (20 words) in 20 seconds or less  then they earn a sticker for their star. I have them practice with their whisper phones in guided reading while they are waiting to read with me. {You may want to set a different time requirement or start on a higher list based on the age or ability of your students.}

When a student's star is filled the class cheers for them and they receive a certificate. I send the completed star home and they start on the next list (2nd 100) with the matching colored star.

My students are much more motivated to practice their sight word fluency since I started this program. This is also an easy way for me to differentiate for my advanced students.

I also made a game that focuses on reading sight words quickly called
I color code these cards as well so I can quickly pull the words I want a particular group to practice. When I have students stuck on a particular list I will only give them that list (20 words) so they practice them over and over. My district also requires my students to be able to spell the first 100 words so later in the year I will change the rules of the game. Player 2 will read the card and Player 1 will have to spell the word. These cards can also be used as flashcards.

I have posted this program to TpT and included it in my 20% off sale if you are interested.

In other news, I saw Breaking Dawn with my girlfriends. I am a big fan of the books. Own them all. Read them all more than once. Team Edward here. So,  I could have done without the guys yelling out comments and young kids loudly calling for their mommy in the middle. Kinda ruined the fantasy world I was trying to lose myself in. Now I am l counting the days until The Hunger Games. Not sure if I will like the guy they cast for Peeta. I may have to switch and root for Gale because Liam Hemsworth is a cu-tie.  If you haven't read that series you need to. Seriously good. Anyone have any other must-reads for me?