Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Turkey Fun & a Freebie

Sorry I have been MIA. Report cards, conferences, migraines...I know you feel my pain (at least on the first two.) 

Today I have a little quiz for you:

When your teacher takes away the paper mustache you glued to your face you should
A) glue on another one as soon as she turns away and get the other kids riled up
B) get tired of waiting to see the principal and up and leave the office
C) show no remorse and play dumb when the principal designee comes to the room to discuss A & B
D) all of the above
Is there any wonder why I am having more migraines than usual?

Our skill this week is sequence of events. We have the old HM basals and I often do not agree with the literature choice for the skill or that the worksheets provide any meaningful practice.  Luckily my district has backed off the ridiculous "fidelity to HM" mantra and I now have a little more freedom as long as I use the Direct Instruction model. Anyone else's district on this new bandwagon?
This week I replaced the big book story with 
Love Diane deGroat books!  Gilbert always learns a valuable lesson appropriate for firsties.

We then practiced making a flow map together in whole group instruction.
After we read the basal story, Bud's Day Out, I had partners sequence story events on their own flow map. This was a very successful cut and paste activity. The only problem is who gets to take it home?

We made some TLC turkeys but the kids added a sign for their turkey to hold suggesting a different food to eat.


 I paired these on the bulletin board with the writing they did after reading The Great Turkey Race. The story ends with the turkeys escaping. Students wrote about where they thought the turkeys might go. Thanks for the paper Tammy!

Las Vegas (Don't these look like the turkeys from the book?)
 the Mayflower (yes, we have been learning about this)
 the dinosaur museum (this guy manages to put dinosaurs in EVERY assignment!)

Many of you have told me you like these making words sheets so I thought I'd share another one. I put these out as challenge work. I make sure to announce how many correct words the first person has to spur on the others to try to beat it. Never fails.
Thanksgiving Making Words

Finally, I want to thank Mrs. Patton  for posting about Class Dojo . I have been using it this week and it is pretty cool!  Check it out if you haven't yet.