Saturday, November 19, 2011

Pilgrim Hats and Book Clubs

I am SUPER envious of those of you have the whole week off!!!

I will still be teaching 2.5 days next week.  If you are too maybe you can use these directions for making pilgim hats for boys and girls.
I started Book Clubs with my above grade level reading group. As an introduction to book clubs, I picked a pretty easy book (Sammy the Seal AR level 2.0) so they can focus on the new skill of responsibly stopping to answer  questions as they read.

I met with them Monday and they have been working at their own pace during Daily 5. If they have trouble with a question they may ask another Book Club member for help. It is pretty cute to see firsties debating literature responses. I have been checking in and they have all finished and taken an AR test. We will meet to discuss the book and their packet answers this Monday.

One of my students is reading WAY above grade level so he is reading The Chocolate Touch AR 4.7 and has his own packet.
Both Sammy the Seal and The Chocolate Touch are available in my TPT store with some others if you are interested.

Book Clubs work well for me. The only problem is our book room has not been updated or DUSTED in ??? years. My nose seriously revolts when I have to use those books. I wonder if I can get a parent volunteer to work on that?? Do you have a book room? Are the books encased in baggies or something so you don't have this problem? Do tell.