Monday, May 28, 2012

Metamorphosis Chorus

I hope you all had a terrific 3 day weekend! My son was in a tournament so mine was full of baseball, baseball, and more baseball!

We have been studying insects for 6 weeks. As a culminating activity of our insect unit we put on an event called the Metamorphosis Chorus. We perform 14 songs and poems in front of our parents.

The week before the big day, the students create their own special insect shirt.
1. One of our talented teammates does directed drawings with the kids of Eric Carle inspired insects.
2. The students pick their favorite drawing and parent volunteers trace their pencil lines with black sharpie.
3. Their drawing is taped on a a piece of cardboard and inserted into the shirt. The shirt is pulled tight (so black lines show through) and taped in the back.
4. Students use fabric markers to color in their design and puffy paint to outline, using the black lines as a guide.
Don't they turn out great?

I tried to get a shot of all 120 kids (4 classes) during the performance.
Here is my wild bunch. Don't they look angelic? HA!
 2.5 days to go!