Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Ant and Graduation Art

Yesterday we made these cute graduation kids. I originally got this idea last year from PeaceLoveKindergarten and you can grab the writing paper from my old post HERE. The kids just LOVE the addition of the real tassle!
Cool eye color!

He told me his short hair wouldn't show. TRUE!

Love the curls!

She made braids like her real hair!
We just finished learning about ants and read Hey Little Ant.

 I decided to make a little more detailed version of an idea I saw on  PeaceLoveKindergarten. I emailed them to find out how they would feel about me sharing my templates but I haven't heard back yet.

1.5 more days. Between baseball playoffs and report cards I am seriously behind in my blog reading. 
Is it weird that I am looking forward to summer so I can reconnect with you bloggers??