Thursday, April 26, 2012

Mother's Day Drawing

I had a request from someone using my Mother's Day booklet to help with drawing ideas.  I snapped some pictures of the one I made with my class last year and added them to the pdf so you can download the revision if you already have your copy.

We read the whole poem, then work on two pages a day so it doesn't get overwhelming. We brainstorm ideas for each page and I draw one of them using the document camera. I encourage the students to use their own creativity but those who find drawing intimidating are comforted to have my model.
The kids' drawing is always much cuter than mine. This one cracked me up last year.

I follow the same procedure with the bag drawing. This sweetie had the good idea to draw her mom's eyes closed.

Hope these pictures are helpful! 
If you don't have a Mother's Day gift idea yet you can get this one {HERE.}