Monday, April 9, 2012

Psanky Eggs

 I just finished a round of golf and got some nice color. Spring Break is AWESOME! After a late lunch we will head to the pool. Before we do, I thought I'd share something we did last week since the giveaways dominated my blog last week.

We made these Psanky (Ukranian) inspired eggs...

 after reading two of my favorite Patricia Polacco books. I explained a little about how Psanky eggs are made and we marveled at how intricate the eggs were. I gave every student an egg template copied on white construction paper, black sharpie marker, and watercolors. I  demonstrated using the sharpie to draw divided sections and outlining patterns. I also showed them how they could use a little crayon resist if they wanted to. We reviewed good watercolor technique and then I let them loose! Didn't they do a great job?

We have been reviewing story structure so I also had partners draw and fill out their own tree maps! I am so pleased at how well my students are doing with thinking maps. The Neat Nazi in me finds it hard to let the kids draw their own but I know that they internalize it much better that way. That was one of our signature practices that enabled us to be named a Distinguished School. Woo Hoo!

These two even wrote about their frame of reference!
I have more to share but my kids say they are ready for the pool so it will have to wait for my next post. Hope you are enjoying (or already did) your Spring Break as much as I am. I SO needed this to recharge my batteries!!!