Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Earth Day

Earth Day is a pretty big deal for us since we are an environmental science magnet school. We have a an outdoor assembly and invite parents and special guests to attend. Every grade performs songs, original poems, or skits. Then all the classrooms are open and we walk around looking at the different Earth Day projects. First graders are studying insects so we made "Litter Bugs."

This family was remodeling their bathroom!
A lemon and a lime!
Some classes leave students behind to explain their projects or quiz students on their environmental I.Q.
It was adorable to see the students avidly listening to other students explanations.

4th and 5th graders also give professional tours of our one-acre outdoor classroom. On Sunday, the kids came and gave tours to the public since we were a stop along the Going Native Garden Tour. Our students always wow the adults at their knowledge of California native plants and how well-spoken they are!

My students loved seeing the 3rd graders totem hats. Each student picks an animal to write a research paper on and as a culminating activity they create these amazing hats to wear during the closing ceremony. Everyone goes all out! 
This hat was immense!

There were so many more adorable hats but this post is already over the top with pics! I'll leave you one last picture which I've told you before is a common sight at our school...
Yep, those girls are walking around campus with live snakes. I am so lucky to work at this outstanding school!



  1. Love the litter bugs! So creative they are {almost} cute!

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