Sunday, April 15, 2012

Where Have I Been and a Freebie

So much for my plans for my last few days of Spring Break. I have been laid up with terrible migraines for the last 3 days.   I can't do much but lay in a dark room, with a cold compress over my eyes, can't read, computer, tv etc, just enduring major pain and trying not to vomit. {Sorry, probably a little too much info there.} The first day it felt like I had an arrow through my eye socket and out the back of my skull. Today's was more of the "I must have a tumor at the base of my skull/spinal cord" variety and I was wishing for an ax to chop my whole head off...I often say it feels like my head is in a vice so I thought this picture was fitting.

I went to the dr. AGAIN and he gave me something new to try. After about 7 hours of torture I am now up and have the residual after headache but can at least function. I should not be on here since the computer could trigger another episode but I had the below post already written so I am rationalizing I will be quick.  I had grand plans for making some insect literacy centers and an Earth Day craftivity  but that doesn't seem likely now so I may have to risk a visit to TpT later to see if some of my bloggy friends can save my bacon.

If you are a healthy person, take a second to be thankful. I try to look on the bright side that I usually only get two migraines a month and I don't have cancer or something life-threatening that would take me away from my boys. My 4th grader, Quinn, was so sweet taking care of me this morning (the other two are camping.) He brought me meds, coffee, cold compresses and made sure to talk in a quiet voice. SO sweet!

Below is the post I had saved...I better get off here!

Here is another activity we did before Spring Break that I didn't get a chance to share. I had ordered this book from Scholastic and made a writing prompt and art project before it even came.
To be honest, instead of inspiring creativity from my students, it listed so many ideas, many students just copied the author.

I think next year I will change the prompt and use this Jan Brett book which is of higher quality. I was very pleased when we read it that my students made a text-to-text connection with Horton Hatches the Egg BEFORE I even asked!!!! Love those moments when you feel like what you are teaching is actually sinking in!

I made these bunny templates so all the kids had to do was cut out the pieces and add the details. They loved using the chalk on a cotton ball trick for the cheeks!

Anyway, here were the samples I made for the kids with the scrapbook paper bow in different places to make it look like a girl or boy.

Many of my fashionistas decided the girl's bow looked better on the ear :-)

and of course long eyelashes are a must.
A couple of the boys decided they wanted to put the bow on top even if that meant it was a girl. GASP! We are forward thinking here in California so that was fine by me. My girl who ALWAYS wants the "boy" stuff was absent or I'm sure she would have had a bow tie. :-)

I also wanted to let you know I uploaded a new book club packet for on-level firsties! I bought a six pack of this Little Critter book from Scholastic because my on-level group is super envious and has been asking if they can do book packets, too. Love that first grade enthusiasm asking for harder work! The AR level says 1.2 (which I don't always agree with) but with the packet it should be challenging.

Questions on story structure, inferring, antonyms, etc...

Sea animal ABC order cards
 And since you stayed to the end of this long post, your gift is this syllable cut and glue for FREE. Just download the preview on TpT.  The whole packet is just $2 if you'd like to try it with your kiddos.