Sunday, February 28, 2021

FREEBIES For March 2nd and MORE

Does your school celebrate Read Across America or Seuss Day?

 I thought I'd do a roundup of many of the FREE things I have shared over the years that I hope you can use. 

Click on the picture to get your copy.
You can see some samples from my students here.

Horton peek over templates, writing papers, ideas, etc. click HERE

Here is FREE listening center response sheet for The Sneetches by Dr. Seuss.
This is part of my Listening Center Response resource which has book or skill-based response sheets and comes with QR codes for your center. I adapted this for distance learning by adding Google Slides.
Click on picture to check it out.

Have you tried my Daily Editing Word Problems yet?
You can read more about how these work in this post.

 Here is the ENTIRE Seuss Week for my loyal followers as a FLASH FREEBIE

 If you enjoy them, you can grab enough for the entire year HERE

There are more Seuss freebies on this blog but my family says I have been on here too long already! You can go to my sidebar under the TOPICS section and click on Seuss to read all my posts with more details and pictures.

I hope everyone has a great week! I am scheduled to get my vaccine this week. YIPPEE!


Thursday, February 18, 2021

Do You Search By Standard or Theme?

 I saw someone post the other day that they never look for resources by theme, only by the standard. I am wondering if they are an upper grade teacher because primary folks seem to love themes, am I right?

Of course the standard is important, but it can be both functional and cute! Plus students need to hit the same skill many times to master it so changing the theme can make practicing the same standard feel new and engaging.

Here is my newest set of Ending Punctuation Boom cards with a St. Patrick's Day theme. It addresses:

CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.L.1.2.B Use end punctuation for sentences. 

Or maybe

CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.L.K.2.B Recognize and name end punctuation. Since I have the audio to read the sentences for them. I did not make these auto play so that the students could attempt to read them first on their own, if you wish.

These are 25% off for the first 24 hours! You may want to follow me on Instagram or Facebook if you don't get to reading blogs in time to see this sale price. Those links are in my sidebar.

Are you snowed in? I am feeling so badly for everyone in Texas! I live in California and we had the whole week off. Last year, I was on a school trip to Tanzania and it feels like soooo long ago! No exciting trips for me this year but my county did just announce they are going to start opening up appointments for teachers to get vaccinated at the end of the month! How is your state doing on vaccinating teachers? 


Wednesday, February 17, 2021

St.Patty's Bump and a Giveaway!

I got some really sweet feedback from teachers appreciative of products that work for both virtual and in-person learning. It makes me really happy that I can create things that make things easier for my fellow teachers. I have never been prouder of our profession and how, as usual, we have risen to the challenge thrown at us. We got this!

Since you all seemed to like my Valentine's Bump games, I made a set for St. Patty's Day! These have both a Google Slides digital version as well as a print version. The addition and subtraction set includes 7 games.

I also made a multiplication version for the facts 1-12. Please let your upper grade teacher friends know.

These are 25% off for 24 hours and I'd love to give a copy away to a loyal follower! Just leave me a comment saying if you'd like Addition & Subtraction or Multiplication and your email. If there is something you'd like to see me make or a skill addressed, just let me know.


Sunday, February 14, 2021

Two New Math Boom Puzzle Reveals!

I have two new Boom card math sets that are super cute puzzle reveals.

This first one covers 1.NBT.B.2 practicing place value counting tens and ones. This one uses animated GIFS so I think the kids will love watching the numbers' eyes blink open and closed! 

This next one covers 1.MD.B.3 telling time on analog and digital clocks to the hour and half hour.

I included a fun kids cheering sound at the end of both decks when the puzzles are complete.

You can check out a video preview or a playable preview by visiting my store.

Happy Valentine's Day! My sweet husband brought me flowers and made me yummy food. He actually does both of these quite frequently. I know, I am a very lucky lady. Here is us many moons ago.


Friday, February 12, 2021

FREE Valentine's Day Easy Math Center Idea & Printable

 Need a last minute Valentine's Day math center?  

Gather these supplies. I have also seen the small plastic hearts at Michaels Crafts and Walmart.

The plastic pockets are optional but I like using them because

1. I can make less copies.

2. The kids love using them.

3. It is better for the environment!

Partners take turns selecting a heart and counting the coins inside. After they both record their total, they write in the greater than or less than sign to determine who won that round. The winner is whoever won more rounds.

You don't need to write the numbers on the hearts unless you want to provide an answer key. Just make sure there are different amounts in each heart so no round ends up in a tie.

Go grab the FREE printable in my shop!

 I saw this cute basket at Party City for only $1 that would add to the cuteness of this center!

Are you still looking for a few more ideas to round out next week?

And I'll leave you with another freebie! Have a great weekend!


Winner and another Giveaway!

 Congrats to Sara Cannon, the winner of my Valentine's Bump Addition & Subtraction game!

I'd also like to give away a copy of the Multiplication version. I'm not sure how many followers I have that teach the older grades but I do in the summer so I often make more advanced items, as well. 

Leave a comment saying what grade you teach and your email and I will pick a winner! 

Thank you to all of you who visited my TpT store during the sale. I spent more than I usually do so I better get to creating!


Thursday, February 11, 2021

Zoom Background Addicts Unite!

 Hello, my name is Jennifer and I am a Zoom Background Addict.

 Do you need to join ZBAA with me? 

I find joy in little things like this and let's face it, every morsel of happiness is coveted in this pandemic life we are living.  

If you want to add a little Valentine's fun to your Zoom, just Google Zoom backgrounds. I have these backgrounds and a few more saved in a folder I am happy to share with you, if you click HERE.


Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Google Slides version added to my Pot O' Gold Game

 I updated my Pot O' Gold: Addition Strategies Game to add a Google Slides version!

This is the short video but I added one to my store with an audio explanation. 

If you already own this game just go to your purchases page to download the updated version for free! If you don't own it yet, today is the last day of the TpT sale so you might want to head over there. 

Do you have any of my best sellers on your wishlist? 

I have over 180 products so you might want to visit my store today!


Tuesday, February 9, 2021

New bundles are a steal during the TpT sale!

 I love a good sale, don't you? Have you been filling up your TpT cart? Bundles are clearly the best deal since they were already discounted and now there is an addition 25% off! I have some new ones you may be interested in.

These are based on reading level. I have used these packets with younger students that need additional challenge.

I love to use these packets during guided reading. Depending on the group, I have run it more like literature circles, having them do some on their own and then we meet to discuss our answers. 

Have you tried Boom cards yet? I am in love with them so I have a bunch in my store. Here are the newest sets. Digital Color by Codes are the so engaging!

I also made these in Google Slides for those that just can't try one more new thing. I totally get that!

These function very much like Boom cards. The student plays in present mode and when they click on the correct sight word the picture magically gets colored in and the next sight word plays. 

I have 188 products in my store, all 20% off so I hope you find something you like!


Saturday, February 6, 2021

Color By Code Sight Words #2

 Color By Code Sight Words #2 in Google Slides and Boom Cards versions are now up! 

25% off today for followers of my store.


Thursday, February 4, 2021

FREE Love Monster ABC Order

 Time to reward my followers with a freebie! 

Here is a cute Love Monster ABC order I hope you can use.

You can grab it HERE for FREE.


Wednesday, February 3, 2021

The Day it Rained Nouns Craftivity

 Do you have the book The Day It Rained Hearts by Felicia Bond?

 I usually read the book then teach about common and proper nouns, practice sorting nouns with a tree map, and end with a craftivity that doubles as an individual assessment and adorable bulletin board! 

I put all of this in my The Day it Rained Nouns packet and added in some alternate bulletin board ideas. 

You might want to check out some of my other Valentine's Day items while you are there.

Can you tell I like Valentine's Day? Click HERE to jump over to my TpT store.