Saturday, August 1, 2015

Big Sale!

The BIG SALE is here! 

My entire store will be 20% off! Here are some ideas...

I have so many more but I need to go back to cleaning the garage. Boo! You can check out more in my TpT store {HERE.}


Thursday, July 30, 2015

CCSS Checklists Updated

Is your TO DO list HUGE in the summer?  I get so busy during the school year and summer is when I finally attempt to catch up! My project this summer is trying to get a kitchen remodel going. Boy this is a lot of work! But first I needed to get the whole house repiped because we had old galvanized and I was terrified something was going to bust! I am now completely addicted to HGTV. I wish The Property Brothers would come do this project for me!

A TpT customer reminded me that updating my CCSS Assessment Checklists for Kinder to a fillable PDF was on my TpT To Do List so I did manage to get that done today (while watching HGTV of course!) The new format will make it easier to add your students' names once and it automatically populates to all the other pages! Click on the picture to go check it out.

The First and Second Grade Versions are already in this format. 3rd grade is next on the list.

I hope you are enjoying your summer. I only have 10 days left!!!


Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Bunny fun and more

How are your April plans coming along? Need a cute writing activity?

This craftivity includes templates for a bunny peek over, two picture book suggestions, and a choice of three writing activities aligned to the Common Core.

Picture book: The Easter Egg by Jan Brett
1. Opinion: Do you think the Easter Bunny picked the best egg? W1.1
2. Text-to-Text: How did The Easter Egg remind you of Horton Hatches the Egg? RL1.9

Picture Book: If I Were the Easter Bunny by Louise Gardner
3. Narrative: Students write what they would do if they were the Easter Bunny. W1.3

Click on the picture to grab your copy.

I also have two book club packets that are perfect for this  month.
3 more days until Spring Break and boy do I need it!


Sunday, March 15, 2015

St. Pat's Activities and Freebies

What St. Patrick's Day activities are you doing this week? 
We'll be using my packet that goes with Jamie O'Rourke and the Big Potato.

You can grab your copy {HERE.}

I don't teach math anymore but this one was always a favorite! Click {HERE} to grab your copy of Pot O' Gold: an Addition Strategies Game.

While you are visiting my store you can grab this ABC Order FREEBIE!

You can also download this FREE comprehension sheet to go with Fluffy's Lucky Day.

Sadly, we have standardized testing this week so the leprechaun stuff will not be as crazy. The chef is serving corned beef and cabbage for lunch on Wednesday. I can't wait to see the kids reaction. ;-)


Monday, March 2, 2015

Happy Seuss Day!

You know how when you are in charge of something you don't get a chance to take pictures? That was me today for our Seuss Day. Luckily some of my fellow teachers were more on the ball. They even took one of me.

We passed out hats to every student as they arrived. This shot is them watching a BrainPopJr video about Theodore Geisel in morning assembly.

Then we sang songs they learned in music class from the musical Seussical. The backdrop was also from that show.

One class performed a Lorax skit.

Our art teacher made cute boards the students could take their picture with at lunch.

The teachers all had hats, too!

After reading Oh, the Places You'll Go my second graders made the craft I posted about the other day.

"I am going to be an inventor. I am going to make a space probe and send it to pluto."
"I will be a gastroenterologist because my dad is a gastroenterologist."
"I will attend Foothill College and I will serve in the army."
I found this one interesting since both his parents are doctors and I suspect their plans won't include community college or enlisting. ;-)

"I will become a Language Arts  teacher. I will teach second grade."
This one made me smile because this is my Mini-Me. I have had the pleasure of teaching her for a year and a half now and I taught her mom years ago (she was in junior high though!) 

We also read Seuss books to one of the kinder classes. They were so cute! 

Phew! I am worn out tonight! I hope your day was fun!