Sunday, April 27, 2014

Proud Mama!

I am so proud of my son, Quinn. He was the male lead in his class musical this week.  I was surprised because he is new to the school and on the quieter side. He had a ZILLION lines to memorize and a solo!! Here is a quick clip.
Everyone did such a great job! I love the experiences my kids are getting at this small private school. All classes 1st - 6th grade have their own show every year! Kinder has a singing performance and middle and high school have many shows that are optional. My older son took Drama as his elective and they did Little Mermaid, Jr. You might think they wouldn't like that but he had a blast! We saw Les Miserables this week at the High School but the director invited kids from all campuses to try out so it was a mixed cast. The production quality was very impressive for such a small school!

So between baseball and all the drama I've been a tad busy. I forgot to take pics of our Easter Bunny Craftivity but it was the same as last year. The only new thing I have been working on is more book club packets. I have two new ones:
Fly Guy books are highly engaging yet easy enough for those just starting to get the hang of it!
My first graders are working on answering comprehension questions in complete sentences and sequencing events.
There is a parts of speech cut and glue sort
and a writing prompt inspired by the story.

 I also made one for Stone Fox by John Reynolds Gardiner.

It is written at an AR level of 4.0 so it worked well with my higher 2nd graders. It has chapter comprehension and vocabulary questions but also covers story elements and figurative language.
My 2nd graders are supposed to write in cursive on Spalding lines (top and bottom, no dotted middle) so that is why the lines are different.

If you'd like to win a copy of these enter below. 
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I hope all of you are well. I miss connecting with other bloggers. I thought once the boys were {almost } teenagers I would have more time but it seems to be the opposite! Maybe once they can drive?? Not really wishing that too soon though.