Thursday, July 30, 2015

CCSS Checklists Updated

Is your TO DO list HUGE in the summer?  I get so busy during the school year and summer is when I finally attempt to catch up! My project this summer is trying to get a kitchen remodel going. Boy this is a lot of work! But first I needed to get the whole house repiped because we had old galvanized and I was terrified something was going to bust! I am now completely addicted to HGTV. I wish The Property Brothers would come do this project for me!

A TpT customer reminded me that updating my CCSS Assessment Checklists for Kinder to a fillable PDF was on my TpT To Do List so I did manage to get that done today (while watching HGTV of course!) The new format will make it easier to add your students' names once and it automatically populates to all the other pages! Click on the picture to go check it out.

The First and Second Grade Versions are already in this format. 3rd grade is next on the list.

I hope you are enjoying your summer. I only have 10 days left!!!