Friday, July 31, 2020

Silent Birthday Game

Need a quick time-filler? I asked my 5th graders to line up in birthday order BUT they could not talk and had to stay social-distanced.

They asked if they could use paper and pencil to communicate and I said no. SO, they turned to nature.

They tried hand signals and that seemed to frustrate them. The masks prevented them from mouthing the words.

One smarty thought of writing with water on the cement. She used a rock as her instrument and sacrificed her drinking water.

After 25 minutes of blissful silence, (this is a chatty bunch) I let them talk for 2 minutes so they could come up with a plan. Once they split into years, about half in each group, things went more quickly and they were finally able to do it at the half hour mark.

No one emerged as the leader today, which surprised me. They were shocked to realize how much they relied on verbal communication. It was definitely the best part of my day.


Thursday, July 30, 2020

Multiplication Mastery

My summer school class is doing great on mastering the multiplication facts. This system keeps them motivated and I really think it helps that I use scratch and sniff stickers. They really care about getting to add a sticker to their chart, even 5th graders.

I have a test for 1-12 and then A-D are mixed facts. I don't have a test for 0 because it would be the same answer for all but I do include 0 in each test.

I give my students 26 seconds for the 13 problems because I really want them to know them fluency. I do include a set in this download where you can write in your own timing at the bottom.

I also print out multiple sets of flashcards so they students can practice on their own or sometimes I give them a set to take home, if they need it.

Not pictured above, but I also include a recording sheet so I know where everyone is without having to look around the room at their posters. 

I also included some teaching tips about how I organize and run things and a parent letter to send home.

Click HERE if you'd like to try this method with your class. It has worked well for me.

2 more days of summer school and she's almost got it!


Wednesday, July 29, 2020

5th Place Value Riddles and $1 Sale Boom Deck Sale

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Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Boom Dollar Sale

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Monday, July 27, 2020

Boom Beginning Digraphs SH & CH

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Sunday, July 26, 2020

Boom Beginning Digraphs TH & WH

New Boom Card deck! Beginning digraphs TH & WH with audio.

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Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Making lava lamps

We made lava lamps in summer school today. So cool and so easy!

1. Fill an 8 oz. water bottle about 3/4th full with vegetable oil.
2. Add water but leave a little room at the top.
3. Add 5-10 drops of food coloring.
4. Drop small  pieces of Alka-Seltzer tablets in.
5. When the bubbling stops, put on the cap.
6. Tip the bottle and watch the reactions!


Saturday, July 11, 2020

Teaching Summer School During Covid #1

One week of summer school down. I will admit it felt nice to be back with students and they were very happy to see each other. It does feel like just a matter of time though before someone becomes ill since it is so hard to actually follow all the rules.

Today, I want to talk about face coverings. Many teachers and some students are wearing face shields. My sister-in-law is an ICU nurse and she says that face shields are never worn alone, always with a mask. It concerns me that people think they are being safe but are not truly. 

My county just released the guidance for schools returning in the fall and face shields will only be allowed if they have a drape that tucks into the shirt.

The students in my class all wear masks and are trying but I still say a zillion times a day, "Your mask needs to be over your nose."

I would never show this at school but I laughed out loud when I saw it. Gotta try to have some humor in these crazy times.

The best advice I can give it to try wearing different masks to see what fits and feels most comfortable. You need to wear it for an extended period of time because I thought I was fine but after an hour I started to feel pain. If the students had masks that fit better it would really help cut down on the nose issue at least. I have heard other teachers have issues with students taking them off during the day and I did see a class walk down the hall the other day and the last 4 kids had no mask in site. 😟

I know one teacher who is petite and has tiny ears and she struggles to keep her mask on securely, just like the kids. They make some that adjust behind the ear that seem to help some.

 I have an ear pain issue with my left ear (that is a whole other undiagnosed issue) so many masks really bother me and I ended up with headaches/migraines 3 times this week. The most comfortable for me is the mask that buttons to the headband so it isn't on my ears at all. I'm not usually a headband person but it looks like I may be rocking this look more often.

This one has the pocket for a filter which feels safer to me but it does make it harder to hear me than say a disposable mask. I talked a lot for a lesson yesterday and it was pretty hard to enunciate, the mask going into my mouth and feeling it get wetter and wetter. Gross. Side note, I am also breaking out some which is not normal for me. I guess my skin doesn't like the mask either.

During lunch they are allowed to take their masks off to eat. It is very hard to keep them apart during free time like this.  Also, they don't remember to put their mask back on when they are done so you have to go around on mask patrol. 

That reminds me, yesterday a boy asked if he could eat his breakfast before class started. I said yes since we have a half hour period of free time during the drop-off and temperature check time. He took off his mask and I was just about to say that he should go sit outside and of course...he sneezed. A movie played in my mind of that graphic we've all seen of the droplets spraying across the room. 

So like I said, I know we are all trying our best, but with kids and such an extended amount of time together, it just seems inevitable that Covid will spread throughout schools.


Friday, July 3, 2020

4th of July Sale!

I've put my entire store on sale this weekend! 

I have decided to have more impromptu sales so you don't miss out!