Thursday, July 30, 2020

Multiplication Mastery

My summer school class is doing great on mastering the multiplication facts. This system keeps them motivated and I really think it helps that I use scratch and sniff stickers. They really care about getting to add a sticker to their chart, even 5th graders.

I have a test for 1-12 and then A-D are mixed facts. I don't have a test for 0 because it would be the same answer for all but I do include 0 in each test.

I give my students 26 seconds for the 13 problems because I really want them to know them fluency. I do include a set in this download where you can write in your own timing at the bottom.

I also print out multiple sets of flashcards so they students can practice on their own or sometimes I give them a set to take home, if they need it.

Not pictured above, but I also include a recording sheet so I know where everyone is without having to look around the room at their posters. 

I also included some teaching tips about how I organize and run things and a parent letter to send home.

Click HERE if you'd like to try this method with your class. It has worked well for me.

2 more days of summer school and she's almost got it!



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