Saturday, January 14, 2017

Sight Word Super Stars DOLCH Edition!

I don't teach First Grade anymore but I still enjoy making things my friends and nephews can use.

I finally found some time to make a much-requested Dolch version of my best-selling Sight Word Superstars Program. You can find it in my TpT store.

It includes levels Pre-primer through Third Grade and the Noun List.  I expected my first graders to read one word per second to be considered fluent. So, my goal for List 1 below would be 8 seconds. You may want to adjust the goal for the age or ability level of your students. 

During guided reading, I would test one student at a time while the others practiced their list using their whisper phones. The student would earn a sticker for their star when the fluency goal was reached for a list. When the star was full the student took it home along with a certificate.

I color-coded each list to make it easier on me and the students to see their progress. My students were extremely motivated by this system. They would practice on their own and beg me to find additional time to test them so they could move up.

I also put out flashcard sets to use during Daily 5 Rotations. I color-coded these as well and put them in small labeled containers I found at the Dollar Store.

One rotation was to play Read for Speed (a game I included in this download). It was easy to differentiate since the students could use the cards from the level they were currently working on.
I hope someone out there can use this new Dolch version. It worked wonders in my room. :-)