Tuesday, February 9, 2021

New bundles are a steal during the TpT sale!

 I love a good sale, don't you? Have you been filling up your TpT cart? Bundles are clearly the best deal since they were already discounted and now there is an addition 25% off! I have some new ones you may be interested in.

These are based on reading level. I have used these packets with younger students that need additional challenge.

I love to use these packets during guided reading. Depending on the group, I have run it more like literature circles, having them do some on their own and then we meet to discuss our answers. 

Have you tried Boom cards yet? I am in love with them so I have a bunch in my store. Here are the newest sets. Digital Color by Codes are the so engaging!

I also made these in Google Slides for those that just can't try one more new thing. I totally get that!

These function very much like Boom cards. The student plays in present mode and when they click on the correct sight word the picture magically gets colored in and the next sight word plays. 

I have 188 products in my store, all 20% off so I hope you find something you like!



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