Friday, February 12, 2021

FREE Valentine's Day Easy Math Center Idea & Printable

 Need a last minute Valentine's Day math center?  

Gather these supplies. I have also seen the small plastic hearts at Michaels Crafts and Walmart.

The plastic pockets are optional but I like using them because

1. I can make less copies.

2. The kids love using them.

3. It is better for the environment!

Partners take turns selecting a heart and counting the coins inside. After they both record their total, they write in the greater than or less than sign to determine who won that round. The winner is whoever won more rounds.

You don't need to write the numbers on the hearts unless you want to provide an answer key. Just make sure there are different amounts in each heart so no round ends up in a tie.

Go grab the FREE printable in my shop!

 I saw this cute basket at Party City for only $1 that would add to the cuteness of this center!

Are you still looking for a few more ideas to round out next week?

And I'll leave you with another freebie! Have a great weekend!



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