Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Patty's Day!

Did the leprechauns visit your room? We had some wee visitors who left quite a mess!

They got into our games and word work activities!

The students were a little disappointed they didn't catch a leprechaun (one girl even brought a clear container to keep her leprechaun in) but a treat and a note left by Lucky O'Brien seemed to help.
I had this saved in my files. Wish I knew who to give credit to.
Leprechaun Letter

 It just wouldn't be a holiday in my room without a hat, so thanks  Miss Mernagh.

We used these cute game boards from Michelle to practice our sight words.

Shamrock Toss was a great math game, thanks Anna!
I didn't get a picture but the kids loved the Pot of Gold game I shared the other day.

We graphed Lucky Charms.

Our leprechauns and writing are up.
How thoughtful to only steal half of the leprechaun's gold! :-)

Less humane but I did laugh at the bite the brother part.
 How sweet!

For PE we had a Shamrock Race. 3 students stood back-to-back and linked arms. The winners were the first team over the finish line. My teammate Elissa shared that idea with me.
I hope you had an equally enjoyable day.



  1. I love how "wee" your leprechaun was, and I love how he got into the games! I noticed that you have two students with the same names as mine! Ezekiel and Dayanara are, I thought, unique names! Maybe not so much.

  2. I love that you said it wouldn't be a holiday without a hat. We get made fun of all the time for constantly making crowns. I can make a hat out of ANYTHING! :)

  3. Hi Jenn, I am so glad that you liked my hat! St.Patrick's Day is obviously a huge holiday here in Ireland!!! I have been making variations of this for years now and they are always loved by my class. It made me smile to see your class wearing them :). Thank you so much for your wonderful printables.
    Cathriona @

  4. I see a picture of a "word muncher" it looks like a little trashcan? How do you use this? It looks like it would be a great idea and I would love to make one myself!? :)

  5. Do you have a printable of the lucky charms graphing? If so can you email to me