Friday, March 25, 2011


I should have made a t-shirt out of this to warn people today.
 It wasn't just one thing, but a bunch that just has me in a funk this week.
1. This week marked a year and a half my husband has been out of work. Not a happy anniversary.

2. I get to add dishwasher to the list of things that have broken this year that we don't have the money to fix {garage door (ever had to have your kids wheel their bikes through the house?), sprinklers, diamond came out of my wedding ring (thank goodness I found it but it now sits in a baggie.)

3. Extremely frustrated at sitting through two 2-hour IEPs just to have the district tell me they finally agree that my student is ADHD and Autistic but then they only offer 20 minutes a week of speech to practice saying hello after the teacher initiates. WHAT???? This kid cannot complete ANY task without constant prodding, he needs an 1-1!  Oh, and they recommend a behavior plan. Don't you think I have done that?! Have you even asked what I have done before making your inane recommendations?  Grrrr....

4. The district passed out anonymous surveys to the parents to rate us, the school, etc. One day I was collecting from the kids and I noticed one didn't have very good marks. Now I know I shouldn't get upset because you can't please everyone, and the other marks I saw were really good, but man, when you put your heart and soul in, that hurts. And it is not like they came and talked to me about their concerns... So for the rest of the week I made sure not to look at them..

5. And the kicker...short story...I had a parent not to happy this week. I DO NOT have unhappy parents-EVER-so this was again a blow to my self-esteem. It turns out it really was more or an issue between two families and I got put in the middle, but still..

Maybe it is the rain...hasn't stopped all week! I clearly should never move to Seattle! Anyway, thanks for joining my pity-party. I hope to be back to my cheerful, blogging self soon.