Monday, March 7, 2011

I am SO excited!

This is me.

I am ten kinds of excited right now. {Hope you don't mind me borrowing your phrase Abby but that is exactly how I feel.}

I finished my reading assessments today and I only have 2 students (out of 30) below grade level!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now I can't take all the credit, since I had quite a few high readers come to me that way. But, I know for a fact that I did help some improve greatly, and for that I am feeling mighty good.

And the two below, well, one sweet boy is at a 10 (12 is standard) even though he is struggling with Dyslexia so that is not too bad. The other sweetie is an EL whose parents don't speak English. I work with her free of charge after school since they can't help.  She is at a 6, and again, I can't be too unhappy since she didn't even have all her letter sounds when she came to me. {{As I type this, I realize that is not true. I am dissatisfied that she is so far behind and already thinking what else I can do...}}

The amount of growth in first grade is SO exciting! I knew you all would understand, when others in my life just wouldn't get it.