Saturday, March 5, 2011

Flying Helicopters!

In science this week we learned about plant adaptations. Plants that live in dry, sunny areas have adaptations to conserve water. To keep cool the leaves may be small or thick. To reflect light, leaves may be gray, shiny, or fuzzy. Plants in shady, moist areas have adaptations to collect as much light as possible so their leaves are often large.

Students went on a walk around our outdoor science classroom to examine leaves to determine their adaptations.
Of course we saw a hummingbird near the Hummingbird Sage. :-)
Check out these adorable besties!
We also learned home Maple leaf seeds (Samaras) are spread  by acting like helicopters. Students made a simulated Samara and had a fun time "flying" them.

I scanned the Samara worksheet in for you. Sorry about the quality but it was one of those oldies passed down from previous teachers.



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  1. Looks like so much fun! We hit -37C here last week... not even recess was outside!

    Thanks for sharing!