Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Butterfly Art

Our story this week was a non-fiction piece called Butterfly. Our students learn all about the monarch butterfly as Kinders so they had a lot of schema already.  I decided to enrich with an art project this week.  We used oil pastels and watercolors to make these beautiful butterflies.
You can find the directions on one of my favorite art sites Deep Space Sparkle.  I took the time to really teach them how to paint (don't use too much or too little water, rinse your brush REALLY well between colors, less water =brighter color, etc) and not ruin the brushes. I also reminded them that the wings should be painted as mirror-images. I was pleased how they came out and of course the kids LOVED it!



  1. What a great project. They turned out wonderful.

  2. Those are beautiful! We did that story last week, but I just ran out of time. So I'm going to do it as part of a separate science unit. Did you use a black oil pastel and then have them watercolor? They turned out really great!

  3. Shelly,
    Yes, black oil pastel and watercolors. You fold the paper in half,unfold, draw half a butterfly, then refold and rub so it transfers to the other side. Then trace over and you end up with a perfect mirror image. Then you paint!