Sunday, March 13, 2011

What Do You Do With A Tail Like This?

We are still working on animal adaptions in science. In this lesson we read What Do You Do With A Tail Like This?
We have talked quite a bit about how animals have adaptations that help them survive in their environment. Students then got to create their our own mixed-up animal and draw the appropriate environment this animal would have the adaptations to survive in.

Animals from the book were copied on different colored paper  based on their adaptations.
All the cards were face down on the table. Students were directed to first take a blue card. What ever mouth that animal had they drew on their paper. Then they picked a white card and drew that animal's nose. And so on... until they had a new creature.
Then students added what the environment for this animal would be. If it had webbed feet, it must live around water, etc.

Notice the skunk spraying on this one.

 This smartie knew with those big eyes that her animal must be nocturnal!

You can tell by the coloring that we were a little rushed for time but they are still pretty cute.



  1. I LOVE this book and author. He has so many great animal books if you haven't already figured this out. I used this book with a lesson too. Our activity after reading this book was to pick which nose/body part you would like to have and then write a sentence explaining why. My kids loved it! I would love to incorporate this idea of yours too!!

  2. This idea is great!!! I am a teacher in Miami and we are using it as our common core exempletry text. Do you by any chance have the print outs of the animals you used for the color paper activity???
    Thank you for sharing this great idea :)

  3. I fugured :( I don't have access to our copy machine so I was hoping you got it some where in cyber world :) Thank you for your response!