Monday, March 7, 2011

I am SO excited!

This is me.

I am ten kinds of excited right now. {Hope you don't mind me borrowing your phrase Abby but that is exactly how I feel.}

I finished my reading assessments today and I only have 2 students (out of 30) below grade level!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now I can't take all the credit, since I had quite a few high readers come to me that way. But, I know for a fact that I did help some improve greatly, and for that I am feeling mighty good.

And the two below, well, one sweet boy is at a 10 (12 is standard) even though he is struggling with Dyslexia so that is not too bad. The other sweetie is an EL whose parents don't speak English. I work with her free of charge after school since they can't help.  She is at a 6, and again, I can't be too unhappy since she didn't even have all her letter sounds when she came to me. {{As I type this, I realize that is not true. I am dissatisfied that she is so far behind and already thinking what else I can do...}}

The amount of growth in first grade is SO exciting! I knew you all would understand, when others in my life just wouldn't get it.



  1. I always feel like that after assessments! It's a great feeling and it is why we are teachers! Keep up the great work! As for your ELL she has made tremendous progress already and she will make a lot more in the months to come. Don't get discouraged sometimes the growth can be slower but I work with mostly ELL students and see a lot of growth all the way until May!

  2. What assessment do you use that gives you that score???

  3. Congrats! That's awesome!! I'm hoping for the same results, but we don't do the BRI until April. Have a great week!

  4. Congratulations! I'm sure a lot of it has to do with you. I start my assessments next week. I'm not feeling so optimistic, but maybe I will be pleasantly surprised. Anyhow... I am soo happy for you!

  5. Way to go!!!! You’re my hero!!! I’m so happy your hard work has paid off! This is wonderful!


  6. My ELL student is about the same level. She is a bit higher, but has parents from America. She has only been here a year and a half. I am SO excited by the progress she has made! She has grown so much this year! Congrats on your progress!

  7. That is amazing. Yes, you do deserve the credit! :) And 30 kids...oh my!!!

  8. I love that! I've been out for 2 days with my own little guy who's been sick, but I'm going to start my assessments today. I'm so excited for you, what a great feeling!

  9. Funny what we have in common - I'm Mrs. Bates too and I teach first grade. :)

    Congrats on your kids' reading levels. This is a great time of year because you do get to see how far your little ones have come since the beginning of the year. First grade is a year with definite gains.

    I have a master list with all the report card standards listed and I try to do report card assessments throughout the grading period as I finish a concept so that I don't get completely overwhelmed at the end of the quarter.

    Congrats again and good luck!

  10. Thanks, everyone!
    Sass-I use the DRA2.