Friday, March 25, 2011


I should have made a t-shirt out of this to warn people today.
 It wasn't just one thing, but a bunch that just has me in a funk this week.
1. This week marked a year and a half my husband has been out of work. Not a happy anniversary.

2. I get to add dishwasher to the list of things that have broken this year that we don't have the money to fix {garage door (ever had to have your kids wheel their bikes through the house?), sprinklers, diamond came out of my wedding ring (thank goodness I found it but it now sits in a baggie.)

3. Extremely frustrated at sitting through two 2-hour IEPs just to have the district tell me they finally agree that my student is ADHD and Autistic but then they only offer 20 minutes a week of speech to practice saying hello after the teacher initiates. WHAT???? This kid cannot complete ANY task without constant prodding, he needs an 1-1!  Oh, and they recommend a behavior plan. Don't you think I have done that?! Have you even asked what I have done before making your inane recommendations?  Grrrr....

4. The district passed out anonymous surveys to the parents to rate us, the school, etc. One day I was collecting from the kids and I noticed one didn't have very good marks. Now I know I shouldn't get upset because you can't please everyone, and the other marks I saw were really good, but man, when you put your heart and soul in, that hurts. And it is not like they came and talked to me about their concerns... So for the rest of the week I made sure not to look at them..

5. And the kicker...short story...I had a parent not to happy this week. I DO NOT have unhappy parents-EVER-so this was again a blow to my self-esteem. It turns out it really was more or an issue between two families and I got put in the middle, but still..

Maybe it is the rain...hasn't stopped all week! I clearly should never move to Seattle! Anyway, thanks for joining my pity-party. I hope to be back to my cheerful, blogging self soon.



  1. Weeks like you just described are TERRIBLE!! Enjoy your weekend and eat some chocolate!! :o)

  2. I hope everything gets better for you next week. I do want to let you know how much I enjoy your blog. You do a great job!

  3. So sorry you had such a week! Your Calvin & Hobbes says it all. I hope next week is a better one for you! I can tell you are an amazing teacher, so focus on everything you do for your kids and try not to worry about the rest. :)

  4. Hi,
    Sorry to hear you had a bad week. I must say, I felt grumpy all week myself. My new student was "testing the waters" (much like the others did back in the beginning of school). I just wasn't in the mood for it. I can relate to your issues with your ADHD student as well. Why is it they NEVER trust the teacher's judgement? I am experiencing a similar issue right now as well. Maybe we should declare this GRUMPY WEEK and move forward next week ;-) I am on Spring Break so it has to improve a bit right? ;-)

  5. Sorry you are having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. When I have days like that it helps to think of the good things. Like all the parents that ARE happy their children are in your class. Like in your heart you know you have done above and beyond for your ADHD child. Like knowing dishwashers and garage doors can be fixed in time but your sweet family can give healthy hugs for free. Life is NOT fair, we as first grade teachers know that more than others. We just hope and pray those grumpy days are few and far between. I pray and hope for good days ahead for you. I love your blog. Don't loose heart!

  6. Jen,
    I hope things get better for you and your family soon.
    Sorry about the IEP meeting. That happened to me last year. A 1-1 is best. Perhaps, you can nudge the parents to asking for it. They might be able to under IDEA? I had a bad parent survey too. Oh, well.

    Hope your weekend is better than your week.

  7. Oppps. Sorry for misspelling your name. I meant...


  8. Jenn,

    I'm sorry to hear about the things you're going through. I can relate on a few different points; the money being tight situation, the over-the-top frustrating IEP meeting, the "unhappy" parent situation, that one gets you right in the gut. I'm sending you good vibes, and best wishes. I am hopeful things will begin looking up for you soon.

  9. Jenn, I am sorry! I know that sometimes when is rains, it pours, but remember, God promises a rainbow. :)

    1st Grade with Miss Snowden

  10. I'm so sorry to hear about you being down lately! My hubby has been without a job for 9 months out of the past year and a half (spread out over two different "lay-offs"...) and just this week had 3 companies call him and want him! Keep your head up; God will NOT give you more than you can handle.

    Stay focused on your kiddos - forget the parents :-) You are doing wonderful things for them, and that's what counts!

    Can't wait to hear that you're happier!


  11. Jenn- don't let the parents get to you... it is impossible to make everyone happy all the time. We love what we do and we do it for the kids. I always think working for an orphanage would have its benefits! :) I hope you find happier days soon.

  12. Parents are the unfortunate part of teaching, sometimes. We cannot make everyone happy, Lord knows we try, but it just isn't going to happen. I think parents think that teachers are infallible and because they place so much trust in us, they do not accept our human quality to sometimes fail just like everyone else (this may or may not be true, but it makes me feel better when a parent is condemning me for one reason or another). Move on from this week, take the lessons learned and be proud of who you are! <3

  13. You are a wonderful teacher! You care about your students so much. It is evident by reading your blog and seeing how much work you put into your craft. You said you had about 30-ish students, I think? You're doing awesome if 29 parents are happy, especially with 1st graders.

    Weeks like that make my colitis really upset!
    I guess it might make parents think twice if they knew that my love for teaching and their kids makes me literally sick! Ask my Gastro Dr.!

  14. I'm so sorry that you're dealing with this! I was put in between 3 families this year, and it sucks!!! I can totally relate. ((hugs)) The sun is supposed to come out this week, I know I am so ready for it. I think our afternoon on Monday will include PE, PE and more PE!!!!!

  15. THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!! I woke up with a migraine and this weird ear pain I get that really hurts and just CRIED this morning! After 2 doses of migraine meds and 4 advil I am starting to feel like my old self again. It really helped to read all the sweet comments from my bloggy buddies!!! You all are the greatest.

  16. I hate getting into those kind of funks! Parents just don't realize that although we are amazing we can't fix everything...they need to be the parent. Please know that you are an inspiration to me and many other teachers! You'll be in my prayers <3

  17. Hi Jenn
    I just read about your horrible, rotten, no good, very bad week and I want you to know that although those weeks happen...I have been in awe of you since I found your blog. Your generosity, both to your students and fellow teachers is inspiring. Hope this next week is much better.

  18. Jenn,
    I love you and your blog even more today than yesterday if that were even possible! I am constantly awed by your generosity, creativity, and enthusiasm. While I have loved your blog and using your wonderful ideas I couldn't help but think... does this woman ever have a bad day? Can she really be that perfect? In comparison I was really doubting myself as a teacher for not always feeling the same level of enthusiasm for my teaching that I used to. I was looking to your blog for inspirational ideas to make me a better teacher...I have found that and today and much more... I found out that you are human! Please don't beat yourself up. You do so much good every day! So many people appreciate you! You truly are an inspiration!

  19. I hope you're having a better day today...just remember that God does not give you more than you can handle. And that you truly are an inspiration to many of us! Have a happy Sunday!

    Once Upon a Time in First Grade

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  21. Jenn,

    I hope this week is better for you. I wanted you to know that my principal came in while we were working on your daily editing and he loved it. I told him about your wonderful blog and how generous you are. Your ideas have enhanced my teaching this year and my kids are getting the benefit of it. Thanks so much.