Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Leprechaun Traps!

Wow, I have some future engineers on my hands! Last night's homework was to design a leprechaun trap and be ready to explain how it worked. Check these out!
7 traps in one!

The gold is magnetized, when it is picked up the basket will fall. Really works! All I can say is ...WOW! {book reference,  anyone? anyone?}
Mom clearly surfed the net for this one. It was a family project...
 Love this one! 

This one spent more time on the design rather than decoration. It has amazing moving parts that I think could indeed catch a leprechaun!
 Love the goldfish cracker and fishing pole on the pond. Bushes made of broccoli.

 Here are some from my friend's room who I always rope into my crazy ideas.

She had one student who was opposed to this assignment because he didn't think leprechauns should be treated this way. His mom told him he had to do it since it was homework so what did he do...built in an escape hole! LOL!!!!!!

OK, off to mess up my room and leave green footprints!



  1. I am so amazed! Your kiddos are so creative! Do you teach at a public or private school?

  2. These turned out awesome!!! Did you give them one night to complete this assignment or longer? Did you get 100% participation? Just curious..

  3. We made traps in class today. I have been saving every cereal and oatmeal box for months! They turned out amazing, and their writing that went along with it made me so proud! I love my clever kiddos. I too had a few that didn't think it was humane to catch the lil' guy so they opted to make houses instead. They did still have to find a way to lure him in. :)

  4. The Students, aka The Parents, are so creative. "Wink"

    The kids get so much out of the experience; time with their family, explorations, creativity.

    I learned this with our 100th day 1000 object project. Great idea!!

    Did they only have one night to prepare??

    Primary Graffiti

  5. Let's see if I can answer some of these questions...
    1. Public or Private? Public
    2. Only one night? We had a 3 day weekend so I emailed the families and explained what I wanted on Friday so they had the option of working on it ahead of time.
    3. Did everyone participate? ALL 30! :-)
    4. Jena got the book reference! One of my all time faves!!!

  6. My room is foot printed and ready to go for tomorrow! Love the traps I miss that project!!

  7. Did you have specific instructions for what they could or could not use? And did you supply the "gold" to the students?

    Rowdy in First Grade

  8. I didn't supply anything. It was homework with the only rule being it had to fit on their desk. I did remind them that Leprechauns were attracted to bright colors and sparkly objects. :-)

  9. oh my goodness! how cute are these traps!!!! I just linked back to your from my blog.