Thursday, January 6, 2011

Puppet Power

We used story props for the first time this year and my kids LOVED it! We read The Sleeping Pig in our basal. I had the characters colored, laminated, and glued to craft sticks. I even made a quick watermelon patch background.
We completed a story structure tree map and discussed the difference between a summary and retelling. I then picked a narrator to retell the story while a few students re-enacted the action.
Here is a video. I think it is precious but I am biased! :-)


 When we finished one girl said, "Can we do this for EVERY story?" It was a good day.



  1. I had my kids pick which activity they wanted to do for an extra 15 minute period, and a small group wanted to act out our story. They did such a great job and they were so excited about it! I wondered why I haven't done this earlier this year!

  2. Have you heard of Sam Jones? He sings the HM Main Selections for 1st-3rd. This is his link. I use his cd's in my class and the kids love it. I have my same class this year and ordered his songs again. They still love the old songs. Moving Day, Me on a Map, The Sleeping Pig are a few of their favorites.

  3. I'll have to check Sam Jones out. Thanks for the suggestion. I love to use music in the classroom!

  4. This is great!!!! You’re kids are adorable! The narrator did a fantastic job! And so did you!!!

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Mrs. Bates,
    Where did you get the clipart for The Sleeping Pig activity? Is it in a resource book? I need help!


  6. You can print it at Thanks for the nice comments!