Sunday, January 16, 2011

Groundhog making words

Here is a Groundhog making words activity I made. I usually put these out as an early finisher activity and challenge the students to see who can fill it. Occasionally I'll announce, "Oh, WOW, I see Caden has 12 already..." and that really spurs them on. ;-) The letters on the bottom can be cut out and manipulated. Click on the top right corner below to download.



  1. Do your student have a hard time coming up with that many words? Mine do!!! Do you do it whole group or independent?


  2. Hi Rachelle,
    I put it out as early finisher work so of course it was mostly the higher kids who worked on it. I had 5 kids get all 16 the first time I put it out! I did not do it whole group but was thinking maybe I should to help the lower ones give it a try.

  3. Our students love doing this activity. We have made it into a "beat the teacher" type activity. They try to make more words than we do and they get a "bonus" if they can think of words that we don't.

    Thanks for your many great ideas!