Wednesday, January 19, 2011

MLK lessons

First, we read Martin's Big Words. The kids were outraged at the unfairness! Being a former history teacher, I of course added a little more background...

Then, we watched a clip of The I Have A Dream speech from Youtube. It was hard for the kids to understand but I thought it was worth them hearing him speak and seeing the huge crowd that attended.

Next, we brainstormed a list of dreams for the future the students had.
Then, each student wrote their dream in a speech bubble and glued on their picture. They didn't ask why it was black and white, maybe because we had discussed why the video was in black and white! :-) This idea was inspired by Natalie at What the Teacher Wants.

Later, we made this TLC directed art. My kids LOVE TLC art. I think it has really helped their cutting and listening skills!

Finally, we read the sound effects story from Heidi Butkus. If you've never tried a sound effects story you are missing some fun! You can get a copy of her story at Heidi is a teacher I really admire, so if you aren't familiar with her I highly suggest you check her out. My kids beg to dance to her Sight Word dvds. Well worth the money. OK, I sound like a commercial!

One of my parents told me they had a terrific family discussion at dinner because of my lessons which made me happy!  :-)


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  1. This is a great idea! As a librarian, I only have 15 minutes of teaching each time I see my students. It's difficult to find things that are meaningful and easily adaptable to the library. Thanks for sharing!