Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year's Resolutions

First, we talked about what resolutions were and likened them to goals. As a group we made a circle map to brainstorm ideas. I forgot to take a pic of that. Then the students went to their seat and wrote their own resolution on the party hat and used construction paper to make a self-portrait. "Can we ask someone if we don't know what color eyes we have?" I LOVE 1st graders...

I wanted to use real noise makers but couldn't find them cheap enough so I had my kids make their own from scrapbook paper. My class really got into this project and I think they turned out pretty darn cute!

In 2011, I will be better in school and do more reading.

 In 2011, I will eat more healthy foods.

In 2011, I will do things faster.
(This one is adorable since this boy is extremely slow but his work is ALWAYS extremely neat!)

This is my favorite one.

In 2011, I will be better about doing my laundry.
You go, Mom! I wish I had started my 2 boys doing laundry when they were 6!

I have to thank Brooke at Primary Perspective for sharing her New Year's ideas and the hat printable. You can get them HERE
(In fact I think I will head there next to leave her a comment. I LOVE comments so I imagine she does, too!)



  1. I love that you made your own noise makers! Very cute!


  2. Love it!!! I may try to shrink it for our poetry journal. I'll post it on my blog, if it's successful. Thanks for the idea!!

  3. They turned out super cute! I am doing mine tomorrow for our first day back! :)