Friday, August 26, 2011

Partner Compare/Contrast

My teammate Robi shared this great compare and contrast lesson to introduce thinking maps and encourage partner work.

First, I modeled using a circle map to brainstorm facts about ourselves. Some suggestions were age, family members, pets, favorite color, food, activity and physical attributes such as eye and hair color.
Then partners looked at their circle maps to find what was the same and what was different. They completed double bubble maps comparing themselves. They did a great job!
As they were working I went around and took a picture of the partners. Make sure you have them switch places so their picture will match up with their names on the double bubble when you put them up on the bulletin board!

Not only was this a great lesson on compare/contrast and thinking maps but the partners got to know each other better.

I'm off to find a chick flick to watch while I rework my Back-To-School Night presentation for the parents on Tuesday! I feel like I need a vacation already...not a good sign!