Thursday, August 18, 2011

My first few days...

 3 days down and I am exhausted! Many of my students came from a class that was not a good experience (think teacher breakdown, many subs, student who should be in Special Ed kicking and running wild, etc) and unfortunately they have behaviors that I now have to try to break. Someone told me they were on the phone in that room last year and the other person on the line asked if they were in Chuck E. Cheese!

The first day I had a boy defy me. He seems to have a problem with authority. I've NEVER moved someone's clip down the first day!

A little later I gave them Magic Playdough. I made homemade play dough and them made a hole and squirted 5 drops of food coloring in, then covered it back up. When they knead the dough it is supposed to change color to show they will have a great year. Guess who's didn't turn? Yep, the boy who had defied me. What goes around comes around kid! Of course I gave him an extra one so his would turn too but I was grinning a little on the inside.  I got this idea and the poem from someone on proteacher last year. If you know who will you let me know? Click here to get the labels that I stick on the baggie.
 I am trying to focus on the many cuties I do have instead of the behaviors that are trying me.
I will say I saw improvement yesterday so I think my firmness is paying just makes it a little less fun. I miss my sweet class from last year.   This class is also a lot lower academically too so it will be quite a ride. And did I mention I am EXHAUSTED?!

Hope you are all doing well with your start to the year!