Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Random Number Generator and Screen Shots

Today I have another blogging how-to for you.  (I'm a poet and didn't know it.)

You are hosting a giveaway and need to pick the winner. You want to use a random number generator like you have seen on other sites. Here is the link to the random website.

I know what you are thinking...but how do I get it in my blog post?

You need to take a screen shot.

I have a MAC:
1. I make sure the cursor is out of the picture area.
2. Hold down Command(apple), shift, 4 at the same time. My cursor  turns into a bulls eye. I select (click and drag your mouse) around the area I want to take a picture of.
3. When I unclick the mouse the picture is taken and shows up on my desktop as Picture1.png
4. Now I can insert the png like I normally add a picture to my blog posts.

I don't use a PC but from what I understand (feel free to jump in PC people):
1. Take a screenshot (PrintScr)
2. Paste it into a graphics editor (I think Microsoft Paint comes with your PC)
3. Resize it and save.
4. Now you can insert like you normally add a picture to your blog post.

Did you learn something new?