Friday, July 22, 2011

Tips to Gain Followers

I was asked to share tips on gaining followers. I am not sure I am the best person out to there to respond since there are others with more followers than me but I will try. Here are my

#1 Creative Ideas
The most popular teaching blogs are those teachers who share original, creative, aesthetically pleasing
lesson ideas. Deanna Jump, Cara Carroll, Babbling Abbey .... they all just ooze creativity and everything they do is A-dorable! Nothing beats QUALITY!

Now I know you are thinkin', I WISH I was like them but they are A-mazing. I feel ya, but when you do have the occasional brainstorm, make sure you blog about it, with pictures, directions, and a free download if possible.

#2 Free Printables
Let's face it, teachers love free stuff!  If you share, they will come. Especially if it is cute! Add clip art, borders, and fun fonts to really WOW them.

#3 Host a Giveaway
The prize can be cards, bags, jewelry, TPT items, etc. The more valuable of course, the more people who will take the time to enter. You want to make the giveaway last a few days to a week to give it time to circulate among the blogs. Asking to be followed for an entry is good but don't stop there. Offer another entry if they blog about your giveaway so word spreads to people who don't currently follow you. Another entry can be given if they add you to their blog roll or grab your button. That way their followers may check you out long after your giveaway is over.

#4 Link Up
Participate in linky parties. This will bring traffic in from the linking site and if people like what they see, they may follow you. See my previous linky party post here.

#5 Comment
Do you like when you receive a comment on your post? Of course you do! One way to get friendly with other bloggers is to stop lurking and take the time to comment. Make sure to leave your link under your name. The blog owner and other readers may decide to give you a look. You can read my previous post on leaving your direct link here.

So, in the spirit of helping newbies gain followers, please go visit Hope at her cute new blog Second Grade Shenanigans. You'll be glad you did.