Saturday, July 2, 2011

Word Work 2-Wikki Stix

The  in the series of word work activities I'd like to share is...
Wikki Stix!
If you haven't heard of these, you need to go get! The kids LOVE them and they can be used by the teacher for circling sight words, etc.  in big books.

I bought a big box from Lakeshore Learning and the stixs came maybe 20? of the same color stuck on a plastic sheet.

My students took a sheet of one color to their desk with a sight word ring or laminated list.
They made their sight words by twisting the stixs into letters.
In their word work notebooks they would write the code date at the top and the words they made that day. (Darn, I have pics of this at home but I am visiting the in-laws this week. I guess I can add them later.)

I trained my students in the beginning of the year to take VERY good care of them since they are not as cheap as you would think for string covered in wax!
My rules:
1. They must be used on a desk (no rug.)
2. They must be straightened out and placed back on the correct colored plastic sheet and put back in the Sterilite drawer.

They are still in excellent shape so I do not plan to buy any for this year.