Monday, July 11, 2011

I Have NEWS!

I have a new blog design! What do you think? 

 Why did I decide to design my own?
1. I didn't LOVE the free template I had and for the amount of time I spend on here I should!
2. I started seeing my same header on other blogs and I wanted my blog to have an original look.
3. I wanted my blog to reflect me...Can you tell I love polka dots and have a thing for owls?

Here is the super cool part~ if you already have my button, it is magically now in the new design! 

Now for the news...
My husband and and I are taking the plunge and starting to offer blog design services!

Bill is a computer genius and I love digital designing so it makes for a perfect partnership. I will be adding a page about our blog design services soon but I was too excited not to share now with my blog buddies!

Since I am in such a good mood, let's play a little game
Who can answer these questions about the above picture?
1. What show was this character on? (I am showing my age here.)
2. What was his tag line?