Tuesday, July 19, 2011

More Commenting Tips

Did you know you can subscribe to comments???  
Have you ever been interested in reading the comments on a post but don't want to have to keep going back to the post to check if there is anything new? Or perhaps you asked the blog owner a question and are hoping she comments back?  You can hit subscribe right under the comment and you will be emailed! There is an unsubscribe option in the email if you no longer want to get them.

 I had a few questions after my direct linking post that I thought I would try to answer also.

 1. Where do you save this direct link code so it is easy to cut and paste into comments?

I use and love a free app called xpad.  (Sorry PC people, it is only for Mac. Maybe a PC person can comment on what they use? There must be something similar.)

 After I install it in my applications folder I drag it to my dock so it can be opened quickly. I use it all the time! It saves automatically and you can easily switch to different pages. If you are a list person, this is the app for you!

2. I can not get direct linking to work. I get this error message. Can you help me?

My husband actually figured this one out. (I told you he was a computer genius.) The problem seems to be saving the code in word or pages. They both automatically are changing your quotes to those fancy curved quotes called smart quotes. You can shut this preference off. Web browsers do not see regular double quotes and smart quotes the same. This is why you are getting the error message.

Solutions: Use xpad instead or change your preferences in word  or pages.

Hope this post has been helpful.