Saturday, July 9, 2011

Linky Party Etiquette

One day, my college roommate sat me down and asked in her quiet voice, "Jenn, do you think you could try not to let the kitchen cabinet doors slam?" Apparently I had been doing just that for weeks and she finally got up the nerve to approach me about it. I had NO idea I was doing it, but once she pointed it out, I started noticing my tendency to swing it closed and the resulting BANG. Once I was aware, I quickly fixed that obnoxious behavior. I was grateful that my roommate told me and didn't harbor bad feelings all year.

So this is me, bringing up a topic for discussion:

 Hosting my Font Linky this week, I discovered there are some new bloggers who don't understand 
1) exactly what linky parties are
2) how to link up politely

Here are my thoughts...
The purpose of a linky party is  to share ideas about a particular topic across blogs. Not only is it great to share with each other but you often learn about new blogs this way.  When you link up you are saying that you have blogged about this topic, come see my response.

When you link up you should paste the url of the specific post, not just your main blog url.
Linky parties can be left open for months. If you link to your main blog page the blog post they are looking for could be buried. It is NEVER okay to link up if you have not blogged about the topic.

For those who don't know about the thumbnail pics: When you link up there is an option to crop-click it and it will bring up the available pics on your blog. I always select my blog header and then slide the crop tool so it is centered nicely.

If you link your blog, make sure your post adds valuable content.  I personally don't think just stating there is a linky party garners enough to link up but others may disagree. I do think you need to mention the name of the hosting blog and make it a link back to them. That way if someone reads your post 1st they will be able to get to the party!

I hope this post was helpful to some of you. My intent was not to be preachy, I hope I didn't come off that way. If you disagree with me on any of this (I am certainly not the Miss Manners of blogging) by all means comment (nicely please.)