Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Scrabble Math

I thought I might do a series of posts on word work ideas. I use Daily 5 but I am sure these ideas could be used for those of you who use literacy centers or work stations. As I was trying to decide which idea to start with I saw a post from Gonna Set This Circus Down asking for help finding Scrabble Tiles and BINGO, decision made. I can help her and hopefully the rest of my followers at the same time.

Scrabble Math
Materials needed: Scrabble tiles, spelling or word list, recording sheet, (counting cubes for K/1)

OK, here is where I will share my can get Scrabble tiles for FREE by writing to a wonderful company named Protiles. They will send you a box full of various letters. They may be different colors, but who cares?

1. Students use the tiles to make a word from their spelling list (or word family list, etc.)
2. They write the word on their recording sheet.
3. They write the number on each tile and add them together.
4. At the bottom they then write the greatest and least numbers at the bottom.

Don't you just love it when you can combine subjects!!

Click HERE for a free download of the recording sheet I made.

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