Tuesday, June 7, 2011

birthday boy

Yesterday was my oldest son's 11th birthday. Wow, the time has flown by. Casey has been really excited about his birthday this year. He asked what time he was born so my husband and I sat down and looked at his baby book with him. Wow, that was a sweet moment and I am SO glad I took the time to scrapbook it all. Makes me realize I need to get on their elementary years (I stopped scrapbooking once I went back to work.)

We took his birthday candle out and laughed at how behind we were (3 years old.)

We must have forgotten to get it out some years. So we were determined to get it caught up. Easy, right? We accidentally left it burning all night (yikes, that could have been bad) and look how far it got...

Only to 6! No wonder we are so behind! In 12 hours it burned 3 years...looks like this will be a bigger undertaking than we thought. I still can't get my head around him going to middle school next year.

I am trying to get motivated to go to school and finish cleaning up. The last two years I had to move classrooms and learn new curriculum so it nice not to have a big job hanging over my head.  Since I live down the street I will probably go in occasionally to fiddle, which makes me feel like there is no rush to get the room finished. I don't know when the room will be cleaned so I guess I do need to finalize things.... OK....dragging myself to the shower...I feel SO lazy!!!! I have so many house projects too but I can't seem to get motivated. Guess I am still decompressing.


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