Wednesday, June 15, 2011

New Ten-Frame Game

I meant to post this yesterday but I took 6 boys ice skating and then had a pizza, ice cream, nerf gun crazy birthday sleepover at my house so I was a tad busy :-)

I finally finished my new math game Bowling 10 Frames! 
(Did you notice the play on words? I know the kids won't but I got a chuckle out of it.) 
It practices recognizing numbers using a ten-frame.
Here are a few pics.

I included # 0-20. To differentiate (or early in the year/kinder) just print out two copies of 0-10 instead.

 This game took FOREVER to make and I think I will be seeing ten-frames and red circles in my sleep for weeks!
If you are interested it is available in my TPT store.

I included a possible text talk card for those reading Debbie Diller's Math Work Stations.



  1. Adorable!!

    Are those Scrappin Doodles graphics? I love them :-) how much does a commercial license cost thru them... is it worth it? If so, I may add them to my favorite sites to actually use for selling purposes!


  2. I haven't purchased anything from TPT but I just started a wish list and this is my first item!