Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Facebook/Twitter and a Giveaway

I am excited to report my blog now has a Facebook page and you can follow me on Twitter! To celebrate my grand opening I am giving away a copy of the new game I made: Place-Value Go Fish.
It includes matching cards for the numbers 1-40. 
You could separate the cards into 1-20 and 21-40 to differentiate. 
My tutoring student and I had fun playing the Doubles version so I figured why not apply it to other concepts? This one took WAY longer to make though due to all the clipart (and my computer is acting up again..I'm convinced it does it so I will actually get off it for awhile!)

I made Math Talk cards again and I'm pleased to say that I used the doubles one with my tutoring student and it was GREAT (way to go Debbie Diller!) By the way, I have a bone to pick with you all-Why did no one correct me when I called it Text Talk? Where the heck did I even get that from??

On to the GIVEAWAY!
Here are 6 ways to enter for a chance at a FREE copy of my new game:
Leave a comment for each please.
1. Like me on Facebook (on my side bar.)
2. Follow me on Twitter (on my side bar.)
3. Follow me on TPT.
4. Follow my blog if you don't already.
5. Add my blog to the side bar of your blog.
6. Blog about my giveaway.

I will pick 2 winners on Friday!!

Of course, this game is also available on TPT if you can't wait. Even if you aren't interested in my game,  I'd love it if you would support me in one of the above ways. I love my blog friends!