Monday, December 13, 2010

Nutcrackers On Strike!

We made these cute nutcrackers (TLC winter book-although I changed a few things.)

But the kids said they looked sad (because I changed the eyes I think.) So we decided that the nutcrackers were tired of eating nuts and we wrote about why and what they would rather be eating.

This is my first attempt at attaching a google doc so I hope it works!

Click to download My Nutcracker



  1. It's funny how my team and I were looking at the nutcracker TLC lesson today and thought, "wow, how labor intensive it is." We are on vacation so won't be able to do it with the kids. They are however, VERY cute! We are hoping to do MLK, Obama, George Washington, and Abraham Lincoln in the next two months... I'm EXCITED!

  2. Yes, there are a lot of pieces on this one but the kids LOVED them! They kept picking them up and walking them like dolls. It was cute to see them like what they made so much. We'll be doing some of the same ones as you in February!

  3. Do you have a pattern that you can share that you used for the Nutcrackers? I would love to do this project for my son's first grade class that I am the art docent for.

  4. Thayer Family 4,
    This project is sold in the Winter TLC book so I can't share, sorry. It isn't a pattern anyway but many pre-cut rectangles that you direct the kids to cut a certain way.