Saturday, December 18, 2010

Was your last day as crazy as mine?

Was your last day as crazy as mine?

First off, it was Pajama Day. Enough said.

9:00 70's Singing Reindeer Performance 1
Every year we have two holiday sing along assemblies (since our whole school doesn't fit in the caf.) The teachers always dress up as a reindeer of a different decade and make a fool of ourselves singing to the kids. I didn't think to take pictures unfortunately but picture 25 teachers with weird wigs, antlers, sequins, furs, Mrs. Roperish dresses, etc. Our music director changes up the words to fit the theme so for instance we sang,  "We wish you a groovy Christmas."

9:10-10:10 We made these adorable Rudolph hats!

10:15 70's Singing Reindeer performance 2 and Holiday Sing Along
The kids learn many holiday songs in music. My favorite are the ones they know sign language for. The older kids play some songs on the recorder and xylophone. 
Each class is assigned a part to the Twelve Days of Christmas.
It is a sweet tradition at our school that I enjoy!

11:15 We watched How the Grinch Stole Christmas and made these great Grinches from Deanna Jump! It was a good thing I picked the cartoon version and not the Jim Carrey version because one sweetie told me in a panicked voice that she and her friend were afraid of that movie!

1:00-2:15 PARTY
6 tables were set up with activities. One cute mom also did holiday face painting!
1. Beading bracelets or ornaments
2. Cupcake decorating and eating
3. Learn how to cut snowflakes
4. Xmas tree sewing & decorating with foam shapes
5. Snowman ornament with the child's face
6. Play dreidels with gelt!

2:30 I read Olive the Other Reindeer.

Then I gave them my presents which was a book, a candy cane, and a package of magic reindeer food! I told them to sprinkle it in their yard on Christmas Eve and it would attract Santa's reindeer!
Then the kids presented me with a gift basket filled with gift cards to my favorite places and a sweet book of drawings made by my class!

WHEW! Busy but fun day. I went out for drinks with some teacher friends and absolutely CRASHED out on the couch last night!

I hope all my friends in blogland have a wonderful, RELAXING holiday vacation!!!



  1. How did you make those ADORABLE reindeer hats?

  2. The pattern is a hard copy and we are on break. I will see if I can scan it in January if you are still interested for next year?